Thursday, February 18, 2010

Birthday Cake & Another Almost Finished Project

So I mentioned yesterday about the cake. It was so yummy! I would definitely recommend it again and it used a lot of basic ingredients we already had around. Just make sure to have LOTS of milk ... it's very rich!
Last night the ward (church group) here in Cheyenne had their once a month get together for a charity group project they are doing. They have made it their goal to make 30 quilts for us to make & to donate to charity by the end of the year. So I volunteered to take home 20 pairs of jeans and cut, lots & lots of squares for jean rag quilts (enough for over 2 quilt tops). Yesterday I was supposed to take them back, so lots of time was spent cutting them up. All the loose jeans took up 2 overflowing boxes & the scraps filled up an entire garbage bag.I was feeling pretty good about it, until my husband said we should volunteer to cut up all the jeans they have (I've been told there's at least 4 or 5 boxes) ... so guess it was finished & now it's started again. LOL.


  1. Ooof! It sounds like that will be a long-term cutting project. What a fun idea though!

  2. Oh man...I hope when he said "we" he meant the two of you and not just you. :)

    What a great thing your ward is doing. That will be a lot of cutting!


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