Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

Well, I haven't done much the last two weeks. The kids have been playing a lot in their new backyard w/ swingset & yesterday we did venture to the park (high's have been 68-70 degrees!). But I did have something "thrifty" to show you! First off, a disclaimer. I suck at decorating. Suck and make collossal mistakes. There are no mistakes in decorating you say? I beg to differ. I remember when I was pregnant with Hunter & I was DEVASTATED that our walls in our home weren't painted. I cried (I was pregnant & very sick mind you) and finally hubby agreed to paint. I was so excited ... I picked the most horrible neon blue and he actually painted the kitchen walls that hideous color for me! I loved it, it was bad, bad, bad. Oh how happy it made me at the time though. LOL. If only I could find a picture of it ...
So, I don't decorate much, it's intimidating! But I knew I hated these pillowcases on my new (gift from some awesome friends) couch. Then I remembered some pillowcases I had picked up at Pottery Barn Outlet years ago. I pulled the stuffing out of the hideous pillowcases & stuffed them in there & was able to find enough stuffing in my craft closet to even fill up the third pillowcase. Today I need to go pick up one more bag of poly-fil. It looks so much nicer now ... for only $2! :) Oh! And that cute little brown knitted throw blanket on the side was another thrift store find a couple of weeks back, I really like it ... hubby says it hideous. Is it another neon blue type love? For $1.50 I'm keeping it.


  1. They look great! You have done an awesome job of making use of what you have, with results that look like you spent a lot more than $1.50!

  2. Seriously. Love. The Pillows. We all have our design moments--don't worry. You're the one who showed me where to find such neat, inspiring design blogs with ideas that I would never even think to imagine. . . so, I think you have great taste.

  3. I love the pillows on the couch... I would never have thought putting those colors on that couch, but it looks great. You are so thrifty! You rock. Miss you lady!


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