Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Craft-y Break

So ... this week is my crafty break week. Unplanned for sure, but still needed. Colton woke up Friday with a slight cough, that quickly morphed into a 101+ fever and nasty runny nose/wheezing by the end of the day.
They've placed him on antibiotics (and Savannah as well) and breathing treatments ... so this week will be all about the babies in the house and taking care of them. Movies, popcorn and rest for all of us ... not a bad way to spend a week. :)


  1. Movie and popcorn, the best way to spend time when you're sick. I hope everyone gets better soon!

  2. It's rough when sickness hits. But it sounds like y'all are taking it in stride. Lisa is right-- movie and popcorn are definitely the best way to spend time! My mom always used to give us Sprite and orange juice too! :)


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