Friday, November 26, 2010

Our newest nativity

Since it's after Thanksgiving, I can start talking about Christmas now, right? ;) I won't mention that Christmas has been up for almost a month at our home ...
I wanted a fun little nativity for our home that would be okay for the kids to touch, and if we lost a piece, no big deal it could be easily replaced. So, when I saw Under My Umbrella's Nativity pattern I knew it was perfect! :) BUT ... I would like to give one word to the wise ... I enlarged mine to 125% thinking it would be easier for my husband to cut out ... big mistake. Some of the pieces become too top heavy when they are larger than her original pattern & we had to put nails into the backs to help them become more steady. It's a cute/adorable/fun/free nativity pattern ... make it this year ... just don't enlarge it. LOL.
Ryan cut it out on the jigsaw for me one night & the kids helped me paint it ... which they loved & keep begging me to come up with another art project for them now. LOL. And doesn't it look PERFECT right next to my rustic Christmas trees in the front room??? Love it! :)


  1. Oh my!! Now I wish my husband had a jigsaw so he could make this for me!

  2. Yep, it DOES look perfect! Good job!!


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