Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

So, I can't believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving ... already! Where did the year go? Yes ... I know that makes me sound old ... I'm allowed to say that at this point though, right? :)
So, I have some cute aprons I made the kids and we are busily prepping food and getting ready for tomorrow (pics on Monday ... as soon as Ryan takes them) ...
Do you remember the story ... "It looked like spilt milk" ??? I'm realizing, re-decorating the boys room is becoming more & more like that ... lol.
I had a piece of wood that I had framed to be one of my "Be True" artworks. But ... the framing on the back was HORRIBLE (I did it myself ... and I'm not known for my patience or skill in cutting wood), and so Ryan made a new frame for me, and the old frame and wood sat in the garage for the last umpteen months. I didn't want to throw away the wood, but I didn't know what to do with it ... so it looked like a piece of "be true" artwork, but it was really meant to be ...
Chalkboard speech bubbles for the kids doors! :) I've seen this around ohdeedoh's website and a few other spots, and it's perfect! 3M velcro tape to put it up on the door and now both the kids rooms have one on their doors. Savannah loves to write messages, Hunter keeps writing math problems for Daddy when he gets home from work, and Ryan has been known to write an "I love you kids" for them when he has to leave uber early for work. I love it ... and it was free & used up some random piece of wood out of the garage! :)


  1. Those are cute! I have been wanting to make a couple of those but on a dowel to hold them. How fun!


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