Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Unplanned crafty break

So I did not plan on checking out for the past three months ... but am finally feeling a bit better and am ready to tackle Christmas. We got into the craft fair, it's December 13th down at the Water St. in Henderson. So I have been taking mounds of felt and turning them into this ... That's just one part of the four sets I have to do! These things are taking WAY longer than I ever imagined ... hopefully they look cute & sell! :)
Then another little side project (when there is free time that is) has been this ... Each year for Christmas the kids each have their own Christmas tree in their room and their own Christmas bedding. But every nativity I have ever gotten them has been destroyed, eaten or lost baby Jesus. So when I saw the cute nativity panels last year from Nancy Halverson, it seemed perfect! I bought enough of the fabric to make six twin size blankets (when it was on clearance for $4 a yard). I have wanted to make cute, individual blankets for each child ... but have run out of time! And finally realized that Miss Mati will do a great job quilting them for me (check out the quilt she's already done!), they are only on the bed one month or so each year and it's time to just get them done!


  1. Those panels are so cute! I love Nancy Halverson's art. Best of luck in getting them done in time for the holidays. Sounds like with Miss Mati's help you'll have them done in no time at all. :)

  2. Can't wait to see you at the craft fair! I will be shopping, not selling :)


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