Friday, November 7, 2008

And the stress has begun ...

Glad you like the box! I think it's really fun. :)
And as for stress ... well ... my husband is completely against me on this. And when we talked about it yesterday, he let me know that he would readily be there to say I told you so, LOL (he wouldn't dare). For what? Well, Thanksgiving Dinner of course! His idea of fun would be to take THREE little children to a restaurant to enjoy our meal. He of course would enjoy his dinner I'm sure. I would only get it to go. The kids aren't bad at restaurants, in fact they've gotten a lot better. But, Thanksgiving is a whole new level of waiting to be seated, fed and keeping them happy. I'd rather have a happy family day at home.
It's going to be just my little family of five for Thanksgiving and that feels like a perfect holiday. There is so much to be thankful for this year and I plan on making it special for all of us.
So I've been looking for fun ideas. So far, I love the idea of butcher paper & crayons. Then I have been seeing a TON of different ideas that seem like fun. I liked the idea of a pilgrim boat for name tags. And I have these darling little Turkey placemats from Pottery Barn. There's only three of them, and I was going to try and get more, but they were going for over $40 USED on ebay (no thanks). But I don't want it to be cheesy either, you know? Any fun, kid friendly ideas?

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  1. Those little turkeys are so adorable! I don't have any fun kid friendly ideas, I just loved the idea of everyone being home waiting for a great meal.

    Instead of going out (we tried that one year and it was SOOOOO crowded, not fun at all) why don't you just buy the meal ready made from the grocery store or Marie Callendars? That way there is no cooking for you, but you still get to be home :) I don't think it'd be too much more expensive than 5 people eating out?

    Good luck :)


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