Thursday, September 13, 2012

First bit o' chill

I live in Cheyenne, WY. Which means that *generally* (i.e. - every year that we've been here) there has been SNOW by September 15th. September 15th. The leaves don't change colors, we don't really get to have the cute autumn front door step covered in pumpkins, because generally it is really covered in snow & ice.
This year has been a bit different. This year, it's September 13th and the frost still hasn't come and no snow in sight ... yet. But yesterday was the first really chilly day in the fall, which now has my mind whirring with ideas and possibilities for the front section of my house. It's a narrow little area, about 2 feet by 4 feet. And nine months out of the year it's an ABSOLUTE mess because of all the coats, etc. that tend to gather there. So I have been searching for ideas and have come up with these ones ...
I want to make a shelf for the coats using this tutorial (picture found via pinterest).
And then try to decorate it really cute like this gal's amazing shelf (pic found via pinterest ... again).
Then I want a cute little sitting bench like this one from ana-white (photo from her site ... unfortunately not mine ... yet!)
 But since it's technically only 21" across (not even 2 feet!) for the entryway ... I'm guessing a big ol' tub will be more realistic for the space.
Oh! And I don't want to pay anything for it ... we'll see. Maybe if I ever finish re-painting the chairs that I started in March I could talk my husband into making it for me??? :)

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