Monday, September 10, 2012

Family Movie Night

We have a family tradition like many others, family movie night. But my goal has become more & more lately to not just have a movie night, but have a fun night with an activity or special treat that is themed to the movie. But I have to be honest, most ideas I found on-line were NOT cheap or easy. Both of which I really needed, until I came across a few gems on-line. :)
This week was the first time that we did this. My husband had read the kids' Charlotte's Web and it's a movie I remember loving as a child. So that was the first movie we requested from Netflix.
So I made some pizzas using this fabulous tutorial (she shows you how to make a spider out of olives! My kids freaked out they thought it was so cool!). And then I took some simple paper plates & hole punched them like crazy and wrapped some tape around the ends of yarn, so it wouldn't fray on the kids. And voila! little red spider webs to make while watching the movie.
 (Sorry for the photos ... it was late & I was just glad I remembered to document at all)
Now the kids are begging to do this as a weekly tradition of sorts ... hmmm, guess it's time to start checking for more ideas! :)

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