Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day

So, I am so sick of all the commercialism around holidays. Why do you think that the only way to show your Mom that you love them is to spend lots of money??? Why is it the only way to show that we appreciate the Savior's birth is thru buying a butt load of toys for our kids? Why??? Father's Day is supposed to be about showing the Dad how much we love and appreciate them ... so we did a handmade holiday here ... and I loved it! Okay, maybe I didn't love all the work leading up to it though ...

We made a simple little banner saying, "Happy Father's Day" for Ryan and also mailed the same one to my Dad & Grandpa as well.

Then had the kids each draw a picture for Ryan and we framed them in dollar store frames. I was looking around for them Monday morning and turns out he already had taken them to work. lol.

And something I made last year that was a big hit was these sweet n' sassy bbq almonds ... yummy! So I made some & mailed them to my Dad & Grandpa & kept a pound for Ryan as well. :)

Breakfast in bed and then a nice dinner (baked sandwiches and smores cookies). We love Ryan and wanted him to know it ... but more than spending big bucks I wanted the kids to be a part of the celebration too!

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  1. Love it! It should be about showing them. We did a homemade one over here too this year. Cute banner and those almonds sound yummy!


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