Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Book Wreath

I know, I know I'm like the LAST person on the planet to make one ... this project made me nervous ... seriously nervous. What if it turned into an epic fail??? And I spent $1 on the wreath form (from the dollar store) ... and hot glued an entire book for nothing??? I know ... fake drama in my mind ... but I seriously worry about things like that and as a result I NEVER start the stupid project. LOL. I actually finished this BEFORE the baby was born ... but never hung it up until just the other day ... love it! :)


  1. WAY CUTE! I haven't made one yet...so I promise you, you are not the last one to make one! Is that burlap that you hung that with? If so...super cute!

  2. I like it, and think you did a great job! I have never made one, so you are not the last! :)



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