Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Girls' Christmas Tree

It took a lot of "girl craft nights", but we've finally finished up the ornaments for the tree! I'd like to do more with it (like a felt ball garland), but right now I'm out of time to finish a LOT of other projects for Christmas gifts, so this is going to have to be it for now ... except for the tree skirt which I'll post tomorrow. :) Because that thing has been an insane amount of time for a such a small circle that goes under a tree, that NO ONE will see ...She painted each bird house, and then cut & mod podged on the scrapbook paper. I helped with some measurements & hot glued clothespins onto the bottom of each house to help hang them up with. The star was actually green before for a previous project, but we just covered it in TONS of pink paint & I think it looks pretty on top of the tree ... it doesn't feel complete, but I guess we'll leave some of those other projects for next year. :) She was pretty excited about it all though!


  1. THAT.IS.SO.CUTE! I showed it to Abby and now she wants one. Maybe next year. :)
    Love your Girls craft nights. I really need to start doing that with my girls.

  2. Adorable Kira. The tree looks great!

  3. Love the tree! And the birdhouses-do darn cute! We have painted them before, but the paper is great!


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