Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Boys Room Shelving

Thanks for the love on the Noel sign, I've loved it! :) Project #3 for the boys room came out to cost about $20 in wood (and was bought MUCH earlier in the year & has been sitting in the garage taking up space ever since), but the paint I already had from painting their dresser. We found this awesome tutorial on Knock-Off Wood for collector's bookshelves just like pbkids ... and my poor husband somehow got roped into doing it for me. :) **Although I would like to add that he really enjoyed working on a wood project and is now committed to several more ... poor boy is getting pretty overwhelmed at just the thought of it all!**
Hunter is always reading late into the night and the books late, late, late at night and then the books fall down the back of the bunkbed and are lost forever in the abyss of junk that I can't reach and can't move the beds to get either. This totally solves that problem now! :) After the toddler bed is ready for Jaxson we'll make him a smaller version for his bed, I'm just not sure how "big" I want it to be yet.


  1. Love it! I want to make one for my lil' guy. Too bad the hubs doesn't do woodworking.

    Super cute!

  2. I NEED these book racks!!! I have these on my "to do" list, but we don't have a saw... maybe I could borrow the Fosters?

    GREAT job!!

  3. Lisa they were soooooo easy and fast too! It was just finally setting aside the time to do them. Savannah wants one now too, but that'll have to wait until it warms up, a lot!

  4. We need one of those!!!! My older son literally sleeps with a pile of books every night. Something like this would be perfect. I bet I could even convince grandma to do some fancy painting on it to make it extra special.


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