Tuesday, March 31, 2009

37 Weeks & Nestin'

So the last few weeks have been exhausting ... for my husband. LOL. I'll have to share pictures of Savannah's pink new room ... it's a work in progress ... or the cute new end tables my husband painted up for our bedroom ... but first! I've actually got something that is finished to share!
There are a couple of adorable women that I go to church with that ALWAYS have their daughters in the cutest hair bows around. Seriously ... I have bow envy. So a friend and I got together last week ... my first attempts were sorry & pitiful. But last Friday a bunch of us got together and I like these new ones a lot more!I've got cute ribbons to match every new spring outfit she's going to wear ... now to just work on them one night at a time. It's so nice to take a break from the sewing quilts ... this is a much more "instantaneous" gratification type thing.
And Savannah LOVES the bows ... now to teach her now to rip them off the clips ...


  1. Great picture of Savannah twirling. Priceless.

  2. Oh my! Those are fancy! Very cute. And that is great picture of swirly girl. :)

  3. aight Kira, you've got a knack for these things. I tried them a few months ago and mine looked like piles of string...so how bout I just pay you to make my girls some? I think that sounds like the best idea I have had all year!!

    COngrats on the new little one--what can i do to help you?

  4. Those hair bows are so pretty! I love its designs especially the pink one, I like its color, so girly! Nice picture. Savannah looks beautiful wearing those hair bows.


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